Drug Testing In Public School

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Drug Testing In School does not Decrease Substance Use
Despite the increasing incidence of drug testing in school, a recent national survey of high school students found that random testing does not decrease the use of substances by students. The study also found that students who go to schools where they feel that they are respected are less likely to smoke cigarettes or marijuana. Students who have already started smoking tended to escalate their habit more slowly than students who attend schools about which they are less positive.

Drug Testing In High School

A growing number of schools are practicing drug testing in high school in the hope that it would curtail the use of drugs by students. Most of these programs focus on students who participate in sports or extracurricular activities. However a number of issues remain unclear including whether testing is an invasion of student privacy and whether these policies actually work. However, the courts have ruled that the testing in schools is constitutionally valid because discouraging drug abuse by students is more important than issues of privacy.

Drug Testing In Public School

The US Supreme Court has ruled that drug testing in public school is and that the school authorities have the right to carry out testing on all students who wish to participate in extracurricular activities. This includes the right to carry out testing without any grounds for suspicion on the reasoning that students wishing to participate in debates or play in the school band will be deterred from using drugs. The ruling has been controversial because many people believe that social needs need to be balanced with the right to privacy.

Drug Testing High School Athlete

Following a number of high-profile doping scandals involving well-known athletes, parents and coaches of high school athletes have become concerned and now support drug testing high school athlete. At least one high school athlete is believed to have committed suicide because of his use of performance-enhancing drugs but there is little evidence so far that the testing programs have resulted in the reduction in the use (and abuse) of these substances. Supporters of the programs insist that the intention of the testing is not to punish students but to help them instead.

Drug Testing For High School Athlete

Student athletes who fail drug testing for high school athlete could face the stigma of being branded as cheats in addition to the social embarrassment that they would face. Whether we like to not, there is enormous pressure on these athletes to succeed and it is easy to understand the temptation of using performance-enhancing drugs. These student athletes should appreciate the importance of detoxifying their systems of substances left behind by drug use. There are safe and effective products for detoxification such as the SUPREME KLEAN products which are formulated by experts from completely natural ingredients.