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Most Common Drug Test Questions and their Accuracy

There have been a lot of drug test questions circling around the internet and the media recently as more controversies surround drug testing. One of the most common questions is whether the drug test is accurate or not. Drug testing or screening is an accurate way to detect drug use by a person. Although it rarely occurs, the test can give a false positive or false negative result. If a person tested positive, accurately or not, he will be going through another test that will confirm the result. If it was a false positive, the person who was tested will not be in trouble.

Drug Test Result

Another question that is frequently asked is how long will the result come back. If the drug test result is positive, a second test will have to be taken to detect which kind of drug you ingested. The person will get the result back on the same day of the test if he or she tested negative since a second test is not necessarily required for negative results. Second tests following a negative result will only be done if the one who ordered the test had valid reasons to believe that the test is inaccurate.

Drug Test Saliva

Drug test saliva is perhaps the most convenient method of drug testing since it does not require much participation on the part of the person being tested. Even though it is more commonly used for its convenience, saliva drug testing is not as popular as other drug testing techniques. Because there is no formal training required to administer the test, its accuracy is often questioned. Since the test is done by collecting saliva from inside the mouth, some food or drinks consumed before the test may affect the result. But if it is done properly, saliva drug test is comparatively accurate.

Drug Test Results

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Drug Test Question

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